Monday, October 17, 2011

(The Joys of) Crosstraining and (the Woes of) Recovery

Yes, you read that correctly. The joys of crosstraining. The woes of Recovery. Weird right? Let me explain.

In the time I’ve been running little or no miles, I’ve been really been leaning on the crosstraining to keep myself sane: weight lifting, indoor cycling, abs, yoga and circuit training. The result? Getting stronger in ways I haven’t been strong before.  Feeling fit in ways that running alone doesn’t give me.  Reducing muscle imbalances and rediscovering muscles that I’d forgotten about.  I have to admit, sometimes it’s kind of fun to mix it up and challenge my body in new ways! Most of this has been possible because of my lovely neighborhood studio: Community Fitness.

Recovery has felt very slow (not surprising) and discouraging (also not surprising). I have thought: “When will I get to run ‘normally’ again”? “How long will it take to get my endurance back?” “Look at that girl running so fast!” “Remember when I could race a half marathon whenever I felt like it?” The hardest part is adjusting expectations, a process that every runner must go through practically daily.  My ‘long’ run is a 4 mile jaunt around Green Lake, and it’s tough to wrap my mind around that limitation. With that said, I’m SO SO SO happy to be running again! I finally get to wear some of my amazing Oiselle fall gear.

It’s amazing how injury can feel like falling off a cliff, while recovery always seems to resemble switchbacks slowly hiking you back up the mountain.