Saturday, August 2, 2014

#RagnarNWP #BirdMachine

As promised, Ragnar NWP was a load of fun! I don't have any ground-breaking revelations on the subject*, so a few of my favorite photos will tell the story for me!

Van 1 getting the party started!

Team #selfie

Paulette found a pirate, complete with guyliner

Leg 1: 4 miles at 6:50 pace
Sophia cruisin'
Hand-off to Anne!
Laurel showcasing #birdswim

Tagging some vans with Picky Bar goodies

Compressing ourselves with Swiftwick

Jess checkin' off those legs

Post-race breakfast--we're still smiling but look a little bedraggled!
Finally the whole team together, and DONE!

Star-sighting! The Oatmeal author *swoon*

*I will say that I was surprised how much I loved night running! It was absolutely awesome, even though it was raining for my night leg. Also my headlamp is not as bright as I thought it would be...

Come prepared with magnets/figures/other goodies to tag other vans with! This was a totally unknown aspect of the race to me, and so fun!

Have your own bad-ass hashtag

Most critical tips/trick: pack all outfits in separate zip-lock bags, and move sweaty clothes to the empty zip-locks. Definitely minimized the smelly factor and kept all my fresh clothes nice and dry.

Pick your van-mates wisely (this becomes critical in the wee hours of the night)! I was lucky enough to have a super fun and relaxed group of ladies, totally smooth sailing!

Bring a stick or foam roller if you can, your legs will thank you later.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

West coast bound

Tomorrow I’ll be jetting off to a two week whirl-wind trip back to the motherland (AKA Washington). It will be action-packed to say the least, starting with the Ragnar NWP! This will be my first Ragnar adventure, so I’m feeling a healthy mixture of nerves and excitement.  Luckily, I will be running through the night with a fabulous group of Oiselle ladies. Check out the Oiselle blog about the team here.

It's actually kind of tough to leave NC in the summer, because I LOVE SUMMER. Seattle 'summer' leaves me feeling pretty 'meh'. Don't get me wrong, I love a view of the Cascades, Olympics, and Mt. Rainier in one stunning vista just as much as anyone (maybe more), but I really crave heat. And boy do I get a lot of that in the South! One of my favorite things to do in the summer here is cruise around in the evening on my bike, or stroll around downtown. Here are some photos of said summer-strolling:

A Raleigh sunset

Summer riding

Downtown Asheville--so darn cute!


More Asheville--love this street

Kilwins in Asheville, a warm summer night necessity!
Raleigh tracks