Thursday, September 18, 2014

The road to Richmond

Early-stage marathon training in a nutshell:

1) The foam roller has become my (statistically) significant other

2) Crushin' the peanut butter more than usual, which is truly terrifying/appalling

3) I hide by the coffee maker at work for a solid 20 minutes each morning in a ritual of caffeine worship

4) Every run has at least a 5 minute conversation about goal times/paces

5) Every run has an extensive conversation about recent bowel movements (not really different than non-marathon training)

6) Gel flavor testing feels like a part time job

7) Friends: "Wanna go out Saturday night?!"
     Me: "Totally! How does late November sound?"

My trusty coffee mug and picky bar sweat band--both training essentials

Saturday, August 2, 2014

#RagnarNWP #BirdMachine

As promised, Ragnar NWP was a load of fun! I don't have any ground-breaking revelations on the subject*, so a few of my favorite photos will tell the story for me!

Van 1 getting the party started!

Team #selfie

Paulette found a pirate, complete with guyliner

Leg 1: 4 miles at 6:50 pace
Sophia cruisin'
Hand-off to Anne!
Laurel showcasing #birdswim

Tagging some vans with Picky Bar goodies

Compressing ourselves with Swiftwick

Jess checkin' off those legs

Post-race breakfast--we're still smiling but look a little bedraggled!
Finally the whole team together, and DONE!

Star-sighting! The Oatmeal author *swoon*

*I will say that I was surprised how much I loved night running! It was absolutely awesome, even though it was raining for my night leg. Also my headlamp is not as bright as I thought it would be...

Come prepared with magnets/figures/other goodies to tag other vans with! This was a totally unknown aspect of the race to me, and so fun!

Have your own bad-ass hashtag

Most critical tips/trick: pack all outfits in separate zip-lock bags, and move sweaty clothes to the empty zip-locks. Definitely minimized the smelly factor and kept all my fresh clothes nice and dry.

Pick your van-mates wisely (this becomes critical in the wee hours of the night)! I was lucky enough to have a super fun and relaxed group of ladies, totally smooth sailing!

Bring a stick or foam roller if you can, your legs will thank you later.