Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All my favorites, in one place, racing their hearts out.

The U.S.  track and field Olympic trials are a magic time for the running community at large. 4 years of build up; watching athletes ride the roller coaster of training. For those of us runnerds carefully following our idols, it is the ultimate reality T.V.-esque drama. We know their stories: brilliant races, falling short of goals, battles with injuries, battles with the mind, and personal challenges thrown into the mix. From all those hours spent watching flotrack interviews, reading magazine articles and tweets, everyone on the track had a personality, and I had favorites.
Then, the ‘finale’: a series of races where all my favorites are in one place, racing their hearts out. It was unbearably wonderful to watch. It is SO rare to have the big names all racing at the same meet. It was pure delight to watch their spikes pound the track.

Women's 5k final start. So many of my heroines in this race!
 It was heartbreaking and inspiring to watch the races play out.  It was an odd combination of emotions to deal with. I felt insanely happy for some, devastated for others, but with layer of uncontrollable hope for the sport wrapping it all up. 

Extreme happiness sums up my feelings for both of these races. Go Amy! Go Ritz!
Besides the Olympic Trials themselves, the several days I spent in Eugene were big for another reason: the Oiselle RUN-way SHOW! It was a fashionable runner’s dream come true. Stunning pieces strutted down the RUN-way by Oiselle's own athletes. Watch the video!

Here are a few photos of the awesome new looks:

This is yours truly, rockin' stride shorts, Lux Layer and Go Long tank.
Photo: http://www.eugenepulp.com/

Sarah in the Origami Tank and Stride Short. So amazing!
Photo: http://www.eugenepulp.com/

Sarah in the racing outfit! Doesn't she look fast?
Photo: http://www.eugenepulp.com/
The guest list included Olympians and heroes including the fabulous Lauren Fleshman and cute triathlete husband Jesse Thomas, the gutsy Kim Conley, and I spotted Bridget Franek leaping over a table, steeple-chase style! Not really, but she was there. Then, as if it wasn’t a cool enough party already, MC Hammer was the guest of honor along with his son Booby Hammer!!!!

MC Hammer and Booby Hammer. Best entertainment!
Photo: http://www.eugenepulp.com/

Kim Conley, Olympian.

aaaand there was an awesome photo booth to top it off!

A huge THANK YOU to Oiselle for letting me participate in the fashion show,  throwing a fabulous party, and generally being the best company (and people) ever.

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