Monday, December 3, 2012

Pre-race ponderings

13.1 in T-minus 5 days. Here are some musings.

- I don’t feel ready.  I have yet to complete a full training cycle for a half marathon, but have done a couple abbreviated, half-baked ones. This is no exception! I have only done 2-3 half marathon specific workouts this fall, while the rest were geared towards shorter distances.
-Racing keeps getting scarier. I mean, not really. There's nothing on the line or anything, but as I set my goal pace faster and faster, it feels scarier and I feel more vulnerable. Finally I have more empathy for something I once criticized Kara Goucher for.  She did an article with Runner’s World about her self-doubts and lack of confidence issues that she battles if she lets her mind take the reins. When I first read it, I was downright appalled. An American record holder doubts her talent??? What is wrong with that lady?!?! I love Kara Goucher now and think she’s incredibly inspiring…but it’s taken me awhile to appreciate her struggles. Although I am NO WHERE NEAR her in terms of talent (duh), I can still relate to her description of the start line. It’s far too easy to look around and think, “whoa, all these other people look super fit and fast. I bet they are so much faster than me. Maybe I don't belong here. Blah blah blah.” The mind can be a huge detriment if you let it run hog-wild through negative-thinking land.  I think my own fears are really tied up with disbelief.  "THAT'S my goal pace? Can I run that fast?" This is actually a blessing in disguise; it means I have come a long way in my running and my brain doesn’t quite believe it yet!

-So ready for down time. Boy, so happy to be tapering.  A couple of days this week my feelings towards running were...lackluster, while usually I'm motivated and thrilled by the thought of running. The effects of training solidly this fall are catching up to me, apparently. I’m very ready for R&R and to get reacquainted with cross training. Spinning, lifting weights, yoga, boot camp, you name it!

-Excited for a destination race.  Time to see what Charleston, SC is all about!

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