Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April Attitude Adjustment

At the beginning of 2013, I decided April would be a tortuous by attempting to shun sweets and go dessert-free. As the end of March approached, feelings of dread bubbled up…wwwhhhyyy?

During a well-timed visit from Sophia (@trails4life), amidst our endless gabbing, we decided skipping dessert was the dumbest idea ever. 

Sitting in crazy chairs together was the best idea ever

As Jungle Chicken wisely pointed out, “Misery, denial, and self-hatred should not be prerequisites to endurance sporting success.” And also, “runners can be so self-disciplined, self-denying, self-flagellating, self-absorbed, and so focused on denying fun and introducing pain in the name of success that they tend to be NO DAMN FUN!” 

Yeah…that second quote hits a little too close to home…

So, with Jungle Chicken wisdom and a love for dark chocolate, Sophia and I threw that idea out the window. I’ve happily been eating dark chocolate every day instead. To replace that challenge, I aimed for an attitude adjustment. I really needed one. About 50 too many negative thoughts were lurking around. With a little inspiration from MBS, my mantra this month has been, “Be the sunshine”.  I absolutely love this.

Found: a staircase of sunshine

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