Sunday, June 2, 2013

Distance Dabbling

May was supposed to be all about Mediation for me, according to my 12 resolutions. It’s been hard. Between upheaval in my personal life, the end of classes for the summer, and traveling, I did not always set aside the time. Bad excuse, of course. A busy month means I need it more ever. I will continue trying into June in hopes of having a little more success!

In my travel adventures, I had the opportunity to race a road mile in Savannah, Ga with my fellow Oiselle teammate, Allie.

This place knows a thing or two about parks

Racing a mile was a totally foreign concept to me, and I didn’t have any idea how to race it. But the idea piqued my interest because it's a nice bench-mark distance, AND the pain-place could only last for 4 minutes tops…much shorter than the pain of a 5k!

We're smiling, but we're terrified!

Race plan: Go out conservatively for the first quarter (did I mention they had clocks every quarter?!). Pick it up in the second quarter to run a solid 800m but not a crazy one. Play the road kill game and try to accelerate for a strong last quarter. 
The beauty of this race was the straight, (mostly) flat, course. We could see the finish line while standing on the start line. Perfection.

The race itself was somewhat entertaining. Several folks ran a smokin' 400m and then appeared to be running through jello during the remainder of the mile.  Some men looked somewhat irked as I passed them in the final 400m. Sorry fellas, you just got bird-dropped! 

Allie and I took 2nd and 3rd, respectively, each bringing home a hefty metal “1” for our age-groups (no overall awards). 

Attention: trophy can be used as a weapon in emergencies

Then, we got to spend the rest of the day/weekend soaking up the beauty of Savannah. What a magical place! Definitely worth a visit.

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