Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Going screen-free (or rather, phone-free) for 4 days

Ironically, I had to set myself reminders ON MY PHONE to warn myself "Screen-free day tomorrow!".  This is because checking my e-mail/facebook/twitter/insta/etc via iPhone is such a strong habit that I immediately start the daily social media blitz while still in bed (Eeek, so embarrassing!). Which is silly, really, because the birds are chirping, the sun is starting to stir, and my favorite time of day is happening all around me.

My screen-free days progressed as they normally would, except:

1. I had to pay attention to lecture for 100% of class time
2. I had to pay attention to my friends for 100% of lunch time
3. I had to pay attention to work for 100% of work time
4. I read a book
5. I enjoyed my food as I ate it
6. I didn't look like an idiot trying to walk and tweet at the same time
7. I worked on an art project

I still used the internet, but only at home on my computer. I used my computer at work too, but only for work-related stuff. And I still text messaged, because I didn't want to be a jerk and not reply for 24 hours.

Those four days were a lovely lesson in balance, attention, and simplicity. Try it!

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