Sunday, May 4, 2014

Summer running: the game plan

It's a beautiful spring here in NC, and the weather is absolutely amazing right now (like, as-good-as-Seattle-ever-gets-and-for-days-on-end amazing)!

Exhibit A:

But soon it will be hotter than the surface of the sun and perma-sweaty, for running at least. Last year I tried to power through summer training with a naive optimism that I could train normally in the, yeah, it was real tough.

So! New game plan!

May: Race myself into shape. Race several 5ks and do shorter, faster track workouts. The goal is to whip my rear back into some semblance of fitness.

June: Hold onto said fitness as the heat sets in. Do a couple more 5ks. Attempt to threaten current PR.

July: Up the cross-training. Jump in the pool, hit the weights, and continue the short, intense track efforts. Work on my form.

August: Hold on for dear life. Try to retreat to cooler locations for long runs. Think about fall training plans. Racing in August is pretty rough, so I'll steer clear this year...unless peer pressure gets the best of me...

September and beyond: Begin training for fall half/full marathon. Devise an awesome training plan. Start lengthening out the speed work and long run

Bring it, summer!

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