Thursday, September 18, 2014

The road to Richmond

Early-stage marathon training in a nutshell:

1) The foam roller has become my (statistically) significant other

2) Crushin' the peanut butter more than usual, which is truly terrifying/appalling

3) I hide by the coffee maker at work for a solid 20 minutes each morning in a ritual of caffeine worship

4) Every run has at least a 5 minute conversation about goal times/paces

5) Every run has an extensive conversation about recent bowel movements (not really different than non-marathon training)

6) Gel flavor testing feels like a part time job

7) Friends: "Wanna go out Saturday night?!"
     Me: "Totally! How does late November sound?"

My trusty coffee mug and picky bar sweat band--both training essentials

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  1. Oh crappers. I think google just ate my last comment! If not, I'm sorry for the repeat.

    Basically, I loved this post. The parenthetical after #5 is awesome hahaha. You should do a follow up list after the marathon about the usual - you know, missing long runs and routine phantom pains, failing to readjust the appetite for far longer than can be justified post-race, reclaiming your life but being kind of sad about it. :)