Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday gift guide (on a grad school budget!)

Being on a tight budget during the holidays can be a drag, but there are creative ways to give gifts to the people you love without breaking the bank.

1. Oiselle Runfinity scarf ($22): One of my favorite pieces for post-run coffee, or just a normal day at work!

2. Find a cool jewelry tutorial and DIY! (~$15): I've made both of these as gifts! You can find many other ideas/styles on Ornamentea's website.

3. Picky bars ($12.50-23): Edible gifts are always awesome, but edible gifts from a small business started by pro-runners?? PERFECTION.

Love them all!

4. Subscription to a magazine (~20): As a runner, I love Running Times. Monthly inspiration, training tips, and generally a 'serious' running magazine.

5. A basket of goodies from your local farmer's market ($20-25): Apples, local honey, a pretty squash, etc... piled into a basket. Done and done.

6. Smartwool socks ($10-15): Always a wonderful winter treat.

7. Grow your own mushroom kit ($20): More edible goodness combined with a little DIY.

8. A cute platter (filled with cookies!) (~10): Dig up a family cookie recipe and get cooking! Find a platter or plate at Ikea or give away one of your own that you never use.

9. Venture to Goodwill and up-cycle something interesting ($5-25): Repaint, decorate, or revamp-- need some inspiration?? Check out my "Create" pinterest board.

10. Make a donation in someone's name (your choice of $). Do you love NPR as much as I do?! Do you ever donated during those blasted fundraisers? Clear some karma and donate in honor of one of your geeky friends who also loves NPR.

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