Saturday, June 4, 2016

On feeling fit

We all know there are many kinds of fitness. however the majority of people reading this likely think about distance running (endurance). To feel fit in disparate realms of sport simultaneously is essentially impossible, which I find both maddening and fascinating.

Every time I go to yoga I remember that 'yoga fit' (flexibility and strength) is vastly different than what I've trained my body for in the last many years. I try to remember this as everyone stretches past me, twists deeper, and holds for longer. I try to keep my eyes on my own mat. But it's hard not to feel "unfit" in the moment, when I am the biggest beginner and my other athletic strengths are not apparent (except perhaps when we are asked to hold a lunge for an extended period of time). 

What makes this feeling hard isn't the fact that I feel unfit in yoga, it's that I feel unfit in everything right now. Running, which was my shiny athletic gem (although gem makes it sound like I was exceptional. Perhaps 'crystal' or ,'stone' would be more accurate) is dull and dusty. But so is everything else. I'm not proficient in anything, thus mediocre in everything. As a type-A neurotic this feels unacceptable.  But, like a gem, my running can be polished into a state of "beauty" once again. Likewise, my yoga crystal has been unearthed for the first time, and it can become translucent and glowing with time given enough practice and dedication.

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