Thursday, June 23, 2016

My favorite summer smoothie

Hot, hot, hot weather is creeping in, so my Vitamix is commensurately getting more and more use! I thought I'd share my current summer smoothie obsession with ya'll. It is divine! It has a nice tang thanks to the kefir, and unlike a lot of smoothie recipes, there isn't an absurd amount of sugar. Likewise, there is a nice balance of overall nutrients with the fat from the coconut cream and protein in the Osmo protein.

Ingredients (shown above):

~3/4- 1 Cup TJ's low far Kefir (Hellooooo cultures!)
1/4 Cup TJ's coconut cream
1 Scoop Osmo Protein for women, Honey and Spice flavor (Use other powders at your own risk!)
1 Cup frozen blueberries
Optional: a dash of some other sort of milk (almond, soy, whatever) depending on what smoothie thickness you prefer.

For best blending results, order your ingredients in your blender as follows: Kefir, (optional milk), coconut cream, protein powder, frozen blueberries. Blend until sufficiently pulverized! Although the smoothie is immediately cold from the frozen blueberries, I usually make this in the morning and refrigerate it until lunch time so it's extra cold.


Please share with me YOUR current fav summer smoothie recipes! I'm always looking for new ideas!

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