Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mental chewing gum -- 3 flavors

Those of you know me IRL know that I spend a lot of time at a microscope for work (#nerdalert). Lucky for me (??) my microscope work is fairly tedious a relatively mindless, so I can consume A LOT of media during this time. Although I could listen to books on tape, I have gotten into a podcast habit that I have no intention of breaking. I prefer podcasts that are like mental chewing gum, by that I mean ones that I mull over even when I'm not at the scope. I gnaw on them all day.  

Here are my current favorite 'flavors':

1. I LOVE RunningonOm! I'm even one of her Patreon supporters now (read: major #fangirl). She does long form conversations and my favorite episodes are often those featuring Lauren Fleshman and Nicole Antoinette

2. Do you miss having a podcast like the first season of Serial? The fine folks at Reply All just finished a mini Serial-like podcast series called 'On the Inside'. Be sure to start with Part 1! It digs into another fascinating murder case...I won't say any more, go listen! 

3. Although not all the The Tim Ferriss Show podcast material is of interest to me, I am a total sucker for all things relating to habits, productivity, and the creative process. Most episodes are long form (some are 3 hours!!), which is awesome, but it's a bad sign when I make it through a long one and I'm still at the scope...ha!



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